Keeping the barns cool

So if you’re in Ontario its likely you’ve been experiencing heat and humidity just as extreme as your cold weather and windchill. It still baffles me that the temperature can be -30C and +30C in the same city. Well this definitely doesn’t make it easy for our four-legged friends and since I can’t stand sweating here is a list of different ways to cool down four-legged and two-legged creatures…

  1. Individual Stall Box Fans – Great for keeping your horse cool and keeping the flies off. Very common at shows there’s no reason you can’t secure them with plastic zip ties at home and provide some relief from the heat. A bonus is the price at just $30 like this one at Canadian Tire.

    42 in High Velocity Fan at Princess Auto

  2. Drum Fan in Aisle – The key words for this fan are “high velocity”. They’re typically very strong and move lots of air, placed in the aisle tilted slightly upward, they leave the dust but move air through. This is my personal favourite – my horse and I tend to stand in front of it for a few minutes after a ride on a hot day. In desperate times of 40C with humidity, I’ve put it on low and placed it across my horse’s stall but facing him so that he enjoys a personal wind tunnel. These can range in price based on quality and strength, here is an example of a strong 42 inch Drum Fan. I picked up mine at Home Hardware but you can often find them at builders like Home Depot or car/shop supply stores.
  3. Ceiling Fans – If your barn has high ceilings you may want to consider adding ceiling fans. There is a good selection of ceiling fans available just for barns here.
  4. If money is no object, my dream barn would have fans from Big Ass Fans – yes this is the correct name of the company. They know their fans and can sell you an 8 foot drum fan with optional misting system. This was very popular at the Kentucky Horse Park during the NAJYRC (I was part of the support group) – you had to fight me for a spot in front of it.  They even have massive (hence their name) low velocity ceiling fans for indoor arenas that don’t disturb the footing. Check out their numerous equine options here.

Big Ass Fan Powerfoil X2.0

Do you have a better way to keep the barn cool? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

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