My difficult life…

So the other day a friend and I visited eachothers barns. She leases a young horse nearby at a hunter/jumper facility and I thought I would introduce her to Salut and lets be honest, barn hopping is fun. Imagine her good timing when a friend’s PSG mare came out for a training session. I seemed to have taken for granted what goes on around my dressage competition focused barn. In all my trail riding, I forgot serious work happens on these grounds.

Her jaw dropped to the ground as the mare effortlessly floated across the diagonal in extended trot. And then she was even more excited than I was when tempis were introduced! She also had the opportunity to witness pirouettes, collected canter and half steps. So this was a good reminder that I am very lucky to be exposed to this on a regular basis :).

One response to “My difficult life…

  1. I wish! I am pretty much alone in my focus solely on dressage at the mixed facility I board at. I wish there were some high level dressage enthusiasts there that I could watch and learn from. I know how advantageous that can be. I am fairly new to the discipline bringing along a green horse with great coaching but it would be nice to have others around with the same interest. Hopefully we will get some clinicians coming in!


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