A horse alone cannot win a medal

So I clearly remember watching an amateur rider on a Olympic jumper and saying “the only way she can’t win is if she interferes with the horse”. Ironically seconds later a sharp turn in the wrong spot led to the horse slipping and the rider in the dirt… then the horse jumped an oxer on his own. Listen, I’m going to admit that a few other horses had troubles in the same spot so I in no way mean to make fun of this rider. However, it still proves my point!

All this to say, I am so proud of the Quebec girls who won medals at the 2013 NAJYRC. I had the pleasure of meeting all of them in 2012. I personally witnessed their hard work and chatted with them and their parents about their relentless work ethic and dedication. So you earned it girls and I’m very proud. Many of you may not have noticed but Quebec is secretly training some very talented young riders.

For anyone who ever says, money can you buy you a medal… money can buy you the horse but it can’t buy you dedication.

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