The Big Debate: Which colour of tall boots?

So I have been struggling with this decision for quite some time – which colour of tall boots? I can’t even get past the choice of Konigs or Petrie’s because they have slightly different colour options. It’s hopeless really. I think the indecision stems from being a traditionalist who likes the classy black boot. But this started to change when last year as part of the NAJYRC Support team for Canada, I was exposed to literally every colour option out there. One Canadian rider had deep red boots that I fell in love with but of course they were custom. And somehow I don’t picture myself looking quite as good in them as they did on Alex Reid’s long lean legs with equally long blonde hair, and yes you need to take these things into consideration, maybe even consider your eye colour!

So I think if anything, red has been ruled out for me but perhaps a Bordeaux or Oxblood? Here are the others in the running:

  • Konigs Cognac – I struggle a lot with this one because it’s so popular but I think it looks like well like poo and I can’t convince myself to buy them
  • Konig Nougat – too dull?
  • Konig Sherry – too red?
  • Any brand dark brown – too close to black?
  • Petrie Cognac – this seems to be a slightly different shade than the Konigs and a contender too…
  • DeNiro Brown – maybe the right shade of dark brown?

Just take a look at some of the interesting combinations…

Toffee Modalu Pippa Bag

I think maybe I should just go for the colour that is closest to my favourite toffee Modalu handbag, it’s surprisingly versatile and looks good with almost every outfit!

On second thought, I don’t feel like breaking in new boots at the moment…

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