2013 Autumn & Winter Dressage Collections

So whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, Fall is on its way… so instead of focusing on the fact that Fall leads to Winter, I think we should focus on something more exciting – new fashion collections!!

Fall Winter Top Photos

So as we speak our favourite dressage brands are shipping their new collections to stores and I think my favourite thing about this year’s collections are the colours! Vibrant rich colours are in at the moment… burgundy, teal, blue and mustard are perfect choices for riding apparel as they can stand their own against horse slobber and dust.

Some of my favourite features of the 2013 Autumn/Winter collections are the flattering fits of the tops and vibrant colours for breeches. Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean we should have to dress like black and grey marshmallows to stay warm (a certain friend from Barbados knows exactly what I mean…). Here are some of my top picks from Pikeur, Cavallo and Gersemi. Please click on an image to view the large size.

Ladies Outerwear: Keep warm with this seasons rich colours, down fill and fleece. My fall Fall riding apparel staples are a fleece or softshell with a vest.

Ladies Apparel: I love Fall clothes, they’re warm with rich textures and provide options for layering – this season’s riding apparel is no exception.

Mens Wear: We can’t forget about the guys, they need to keep warm too!

For the Horses: Our four legged friends need to stay warm too, here’s a preview of the fall collections to keep them happy throughout Fall & Winter.

While it was hard to make a decision here are my must have pieces put together with my current helmet and boots.

Dressageaholic's 2013 Autumn & Winter MUST Haves

Click image to enlarge.

What do you think?

Thank you to the manufacturers who shared their collections with me. You can find more information at Cavallo.info, Gersemi.se and Pikeur.net.

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