The Improvised Tack Trunk

Recently I have been on a hunt for a cheap mobile tack box, but of course the word cheap is rarely found in the same sentance as tack or horse. Feeling ripped off by the $200+ plastic bins found at tack stores, I decided to improvise.

My new friend is the 50 gallon Stanley Mobile Tool Chest. This tool chest is conveniently made out of sturdy but light resin, with two wheels and a padded pull out steel handle for conveniently towing around. It comes with a removable tray which I have used to store random things like tack cleaner, sponge, meds, and pens. The trunk is so sturdy you can easily use it as a bench which is great for horse shows. My favourite part is that it is tall enough to store my tall boots inside it – but keep in mind my legs may be shorter than yours!

In Canada this trunk is just $99 CAD at Rona (, if you don’t have a Rona near you then you can try the yellow/black version available at Home Depot ( for $118 CAD. In the US this trunk is a real steal at just $68 USD at Home Depot ( With the $240+ price tag for the Horseman’s Pride Trunk… you could by 2 – 1 for you and 1 for your horse!


Stanley Tool Chest ($99 CAD)
Size: 23″H x 37″L x 23″D
Accessories: Removeable tray
Locking System: Large, heavy duty metal latches w/ lock and keys included
Mobility: Two wide heavy duty wheels with pull out handle

Horseman’s Pride Trunk ($239.95 CAD)
Size: 20″H x 43″L x 22″D
Accessories: Removeable tray
Locking System: Can be fitted with a master lock
Mobility: Wheels available as extra

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