Don’t sweat the small stuff

Having dealt with a chronically ill horse for almost 2 years now has taught me a lot. Salut was brought back under “my care” per say after becoming very ill on a free lease. Truth be told there were a lot of days I didn’t sleep not knowing if tomorrow was the day he’d leave us and I can’t even tell you how many tears I shed. Over a year later and many ups and downs, I finally feel what happened to Salut has finally been righted (I may have just created that word…). Despite his low weight his vets (yes he has multiple) and his personality confirm he is feeling great. What I have learned is that when it comes to the care of our beloved four-legged friends, there are some things to sweat about and others that we should let go.

Photo Credit: AlexramsIs the fact that Gimpy had the wrong blanket on the difference between life or death? Weatherbeeta sure hopes not.

The new staff member forgot to give ‘Gimpy’ his supplement… will he grow an unsightly growth overnight because of it? Not likely, otherwise supplement companies would be a lot richer.

Gimpy didn’t get turned out with his normal friends today… will his social life hit a sharp decline because of it? I sure hope not.

What? His stall didn’t get picked twice today? Or even once? That’s a real shame but as long as he doesn’t permanently smell like eau de pee and poo after just a day, he should be ok. Maybe something happened that required immediate attention…

So the next time you feel like freaking out on your barn owner or a staff member remember – don’t sweat the small stuff.

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