Attention Trophy-Leaders! Dressage Canada Wants YOU

A friend of mine recently brought to my attention this hilarious blog by Karen Robinson who created her own version of the CEO Job Description from Equine Canada. Her post inspired my own job description for the a Dressage Canada Committee Leader drawn from my own experience. Enjoy!

Job Description: Leader of Dressage Canada Committee

Overview: The Leader of a Dressage Canada Committee is responsible for everything that involves your committee. Our committees are carefully selected groups with incorporated conflicts of interests. The Leader will be expected to achieve the unrealistic goals set by the Dressage Canada Board (“The Board”). Regardless of members who may or may not show up for conference calls you must form a vision, budget, strategic plan that everyone agrees to and then single-handedly implement it. If you are not successful you will be open to extreme criticism by your committee and other people who you don’t know but who may want your position or just not like you (NB: you will not be successful unless you meet the individual agendas of every member on your committee). You should also be prepared to have members sabotage your efforts. The most successful candidate will be a “trophy-leader” who smiles and nods and never disrupts the flow by trying to accomplish anything.

The Leader is accountable to the Dressage Canada Board. When you resign (it is inevitable) The Board will also decide to print their own reason for your resignation so there will be no need to provide one.

– Strong connections to the dressage community so you can use your political connections to stay in the position as long as possible
– Experience being falsely accused of things by people you have never met (there is no need to defend yourself it’s pointless)
Strong business acumen Strong voice
Demonstrated experience in developing, executing and evaluating plans Experience in developing ideas and never seeing them implemented
– Ability to handle multiple priorities but only serving one (The Board’s)
– Possess knowledge of leading a committee how to ride

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