Unkink Your Sprenger Kinnkette Curb Chain

Photo Credit: Sprenger

Sprenger Weymouth Bit (including chain)

Recently I have been putting together Salut’s double only to discover that I was missing the curb chain. So off to the local tack store I went and picked up the only option – the Sprenger Kinnkette Curb Chain. Well this chain is as complicated as the name… as it twists in multiple directions. Do you sometimes have trouble getting the chain fastened so it lays flat… because I did. Did you know there is a wrong way to use it? Unfortunately my tack store (and most others) remove their bits and chains from their original packaging (with instructions) and the staff wasn’t well versed on the various curb chain options. So it was pure luck that I saw a post about this chain on a forum by Chris Hutchings.

I also learned that their KK Bits have an arrow on one side that must be facing forward for a correct fit (see photo). I will have to remember to check my snaffle bridle.

Photo Credit: www.thehorsebitshop.co.uk

Sprenger KK Ultra Bit: The arrow must always be on the left hand side pointing forwards.

Here is the information that Chris dug up from Sprenger themselves about the correct fitting of the curb chain.

1 – Conventional curb chains make the bit unbalanced – i.e. they cause it to shift to the right. So Sprenger designed their chain with a reverse twist to eliminate the shifting and allow the bit to lie centered in the horse’s mouth.

2 – The key is to make sure you fasten it correctly – i.e. the LEFT end of the chain must go on the LEFT curb hook, and the RIGHT end on the RIGHT curb hook. To tell which end is which, look at the end links – the LEFT one will have “KD” engraved in it.

3 – To fasten the chain, make sure the lip strap ring in the center is facing AWAY from the horse. Hook the end link marked “KD” onto the LEFT curb hook – insert the hook from the back (inside of the link), pointing toward the front. Straighten the links so they are laying flat, then insert the right hook into the other end link (also from the back toward the front). If you need to shorten the chain, adjust the left side first, taking care to insert the curb hooks correctly. Then adjust the right side the same amount, again making sure the links are laying flat.

Thanks for sharing with us Chris!

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