Dressageholics everywhere are being exposed to… coloured and blinged out show coats!

Despite the polar vortex wreaking its havoc… FOREVER, show season is almost upon us suckers that didn’t make it to Florida! With FEI riding apparel rules loosening up over the last few years, colour (and yes grey is considered ‘colour’ in dressage) is slowly finding its way onto the centerline. It seems the rules have also encouraged show apparel manufacturers to get more creative with their designs. Latest trends include piping, sequins and velvet collars are even making a comeback! So it turns out your trusty Pikeur Diana may need a facelift… here are some of your options.

The FEI rule art. 427.1 states:
`a black or dark blue tail coat or other dark colours may be worn within in the international HSV colour scale. Colours having a value for “V” smaller than thirty two percent (32%) according to the HSV model may be approved.`

You can find the colour scale at the Yafla Colour Site and enter `32`as the percentage of lightness. Adjust the hue and saturation scales to find your favourite colour in the `Selected Colour` swatch.

What will you be wearing this season?

Click on each photo to enlarge and for details.

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