Shad GPA Black

Very unique design includes a zipper instead of buttons and is made of an extremely lightweight water repellent material. Available for both men and women. Price: 340 pounds

This jacket is made off a technical fabric, stretchable, breathable, and water-repellent. The design is very innovative with a front zip opening, never seen before in a Dressage Tailcoat.
Sleeves have been fitted with zips opening at the cuff, to put the tailcoat on easily. The ladies shape is very fitted in order to be very elegant during the show.
The tailcoat parts go perfectly over each side of the horse and its lining is in a PU perforated fabric so that perspiration of the horse can go out.
 The front polygon parts are removable. You can wash at 30°C.
A smart model, sporty and technical, lighter than the usual tailcoat models and which remains very elegant: the Dressage world will take notice and enjoy!

You can customize the jacket with the colors of your choice (color of collar, colors of pipings), just ask!
 Available for Men (From 44 to 56, French sizes) and Ladies (From 34 to 46, French sizes), in Regular or Long fitting.

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