Saddle Fitter or Sales Rep? Choosing Your Saddle Fitting Professional Wisely

Very important article about saddle fit.

Anderson Equine

Unlike the UK, where you have a governing entity that educates and regulates saddle fitters and makers to an industry standard, anything goes in America, and it is my sincerest opinion that our horses (and riders) suffer as a result.  The fact is, when it comes to having your horse fitted for a saddle, it is important that you choose your saddle fitting professional with care.  After all, it’s your horse’s health and soundness and your comfort and safety on the line.

I felt compelled to write this blog posting after spending so much time hearing stories about riders  pushed into brand X because it HAD to be a custom fit, or because it’s the most popular saddle in the barn, or it’s the only saddle made for women, or blah blah blah.   And yet I can’t begin to count the number of fittings where a “professionally” fitted saddle had…

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