Half-Pass: From Friend to Foe

So Salut and I have recently started working on the canter half-pass. So for those of you that know me half-pass is my favourite move… up until now. It basically exposes all our weaknesses – gripping, drifting, reins too long, etc, etc… So the complications start when we do our half-circle to turn into the half-pass. Well our half-circles started more like half-ovals as Salut drifted out of the circle which of courses resulted in the terrifying exercise of have my coach stand on the centerline as my wall. When you’re sitting on a horse that is 6 feet tall that drifts and your coach says turn before me, it really brings up horrifying images of your horse side-checking your coach into the dirt. This imagery of course was mitigated by sharp turns that then brought on horrifying images of Salut falling over, because you know in my head anything can happen! Oh dear… this is not how I dreamed of half-passing. So I only have a few things to remember for next time, shorten my reins, don’t give the outside rein away, don’t grip with the outside leg, wrap your horse around your inside leg, tap with the whip if he doesn’t listen to the outside leg, sit still, etc, etc. Wish me luck!

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