Charlotte & Valegro’s New Freestyle

Can’t find a video of Charlotte & Valegro’s new Freestyle debuted at the World Cup in Lyon? No worries I tracked it down for you!

Initial thoughts:

– LOVE the music, its classy, flows well and doesn’t overpower Valegro’s performance

– Passage half-pass? WOW is all I can say, WOW!

– Valegro seems so relaxed, I swear he’s sleep walking… or sleep passage half passing…

– Pirouettes so smooth and elegant I FINALLY understand why they exist and such well matched whimsical music

– Reverse circle piaffe… oh dear I’m speechless.

– Ok I have one thing to say, the final halt… really Valegro? That’s what you decide to skimp on?


Youtube – (Quality isn’t the best but you can see everything important)

Hast Magazine – (may not work for everyone)

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