Happy Horse is a Successful Horse: The Carl Hester Approach

So I recently watched an older video of Charlotte talking about Carl’s key to successful horses and it really centers around the horse’s well being. A happy horse is a successful horse. His horses only train three times a week and are turned out every day. Barney (aka Nip Tuck) actually lives outside. They are warmed up with a hack around the fields.

There is no worry about losing shoes or injurying themselves. I have always believed that if you turn your horse out every day, he shouldn’t be stupid in the field. He should be used to it and the excitement of that “rare” freedom no longer exists. Granted there are always exceptions such as muddy paddocks or killer bugs.

I’ve seen the difference in my horse – his ears are perkier, eyes are clearer, he seems more relaxed. Since Salut discovered he could go outside everyday, he makes sure he neighs and stares down the barn staff to ensure they don’t forget him on their turnout list – because noisy 17h grey horses are really easy to miss… He just loves it, even if it means snoozing in the rain. He is also currently only working three times a week because he is semi-retired and I really haven’t seen a decline in his work ethic at all. If anything he looks forward to his “workouts”.

Enjoy the video for yourself!

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