And Life Goes On…

Its been one month to the day. Its not like Saluts passing was unexpected but it still makes it hard to swallow. So much has changed in the past month. Any sort of normalcy I was used too is gone. I’m doing well for the most part but the problem with trying to move on is the pain hits you suddenly and sometimes unexpected. I’ve managed one trail ride at a friends place but have decided its time to get back in the saddle. So I have a lesson booked this Saturday at our “home away from home” which is now just my “home”. Wish me good luck as I’m definitely out of practice!

Onto some exciting news… British Gold Medalist Olympian Laura Tomlinson (nee Bechtolscheimer) will be competing in Wellington, Florida this winter. She will be bringing several horses with her from mid-January to March. It just seems to get hotter and hotter in Florida every year there are more big names crossing the ocean to compete at the permanent dressage facilities. This kind of competition can only help to build a more competitive dressage scene in North America, as our riders are pushed to strive for more while competing against some of the world’s best riders and horses. Looking forward to hopefully watching some of it live!

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