It MUST be Christmas, Back on Track is at Costco!

So dressageaholics if you could only truly understand my father’s obsession with Costco. Retirement has been hard on him as he has had fewer excuses to “be in the neighbourhood” of our local Costco. He has a special storage room to hold all his bulk purchase items. I don’t need to go shopping, I just check his storage room when I’m out of something.

Well as I was perusing the Costco selection online for a gift for him, I naturally gravitated to the pet section. You know they really don’t make enough things for cats, buying a Martha Stewart kitty toy isn’t nearly as fun as buying a horse blanket. Anyway after being mesmerized by this:

Cat Genie

Catgenie 120 Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box

I spotted… wait for it… a BACK ON TRACK BLANKET!!! Yes you read right, the luxurious blanket at a COSTCO PRICE! Like I said, it must be Christmas. Could this be the beginning of something amazing? Horse products at Costco prices? I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but this is really exciting! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to locate the phenomenon on the American site, but for now Canadians can rejoice and maybe order a last minute gift for your favourite pony.

2 responses to “It MUST be Christmas, Back on Track is at Costco!

  1. It’s definitely exciting to see Back on Track become more available, but don’t let them trick you into thinking you’re getting a great price just because it’s Costco. They appear to be holding to the same prices set out by Back On Track for all retailers.


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