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Salut and Henna

Salut and Henna (Copyright Cheryl Ogilvie 2013)

My name is Henna and I converted to dressage several years ago. I live in Ontario, Canada. Me and my leased gelding, Salut, are the perfect combination – we’re both high maintenance and almost always in some form of “rehab”. Several years ago a car accident changed our lives and now after a few years off we’re starting back on our dressage journey – just on a modified path! He’s semi-retired and these days we canter in the field more than half-pass – but occasionally we both have fun and pull out his fancy Adequan-supported movements.

If there is one thing you should know about me and dressage – it’s that I love to half-pass. A half-pass is like a cupcake, it can fix almost any problem! I’ve been fortunate to half-pass and even passage with Salut. Despite my rocky path I’m dedicated to one day being able to ride the Grand Prix. Along my journey so far I’ve been fortunate to ride with talented coaches and on amazing horses that have patiently taught me the joy of dressage. I can only hope that every dressage rider gets the joy I get from floating effortlessly across the center line.

Henna & Canadian Sport Horse Rezina (Copyright Cheryl Ogilvie 2008)

Henna & Canadian Sport Horse Rezina (Copyright Cheryl Ogilvie 2008)

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